Many teaching points in this book are no longer taught to our players, example “hook slide” lost in the last two generations of baseball. The hook slide should be utilized in todays world when the catcher can no longer block home plate. However, few people know what a hook slide is, the reality everybody teaches a head first slide which is the easiest way to get hurt in baseball. A hook slide has advantages over a head first slide, read my book and find out the benefits of the hook slide. You will teach it in your program.

“The teams that do the little things best win the games”. Read the first chapter in my book, Little Things Analytics, and find why that is true. A hint, if you believe in Las Vegas Odds, you will believe in the under lying mathematics that relate directly to “the teams that do the little things best win the games”. You will never have a championship team if your players don’t do the little things well.

Little Things Win Big Games teaches the fundamentals of baseball and will help any coach to teach the right way of playing the game we love. Loan the book to a player and have him read the chapter that relates to your teaching point before the next practice. The work on those points during the practice session or before of after practice. All players must learn the correct way to play and make all the plays with out even thinking, it needs to become an automatic reflex reaction. That way they will perform them instantly and automatically in games. Little Things is used as a teaching textbook at several colleges and has endorsements from many coaches and players (check the endorsements to see what they say).



Little Things Win Big Games

Baseball Fundamentals and Fine Points


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