Stand outside, whichever provides a clear throwing lane_CROP
Curveball grip_CROP
Bat Under Hands & Trailing, Probably hitting a fly ball to Right Saide_crop
Avoid the bas runner by jumping over him_crop
Bunting for a base hit_CROP

      The color textbook edition is designed for the higher level coaches, such as AAU, high school, college and professional. It’s a combination of my two other books, Little Things Win Big Games and Practicing For Perfection, plus all pictures (over 200) are in full color. Any coach should keep this book in his office as a resource guide to be used for his own teaching skills or the Right Way to play baseball, examples, sliding, running bases or playing any position. He could also provide the book for his players to read any chapter that related to their play. There is a chapter on every position and every skill set, over 240 pages including color pictures and diagrams illustrating points. Specific Drills on how to teach each position or skill set are included in each chapter.  There is also a Practice planner that will help you focus each practice and the objective for the practice.


This book is dedicated to Jerry Eimers, the legendary Greene High School baseball and basketball coach, who is also in the Iowa Coaches Hall of Fame for both sports. Coach Eimers spent countless hours, many of which were on his own time, teaching Gabe and his contemporaries that there is only one way to play the game of baseball: the right way. If we didn't get it right the first time, we immediately were given additional opportunities. 

If the world were full of coaches like Jerry Eimers, there would be no need for Little Things Win Big Games: unfortunately, that is not the case. Many kids, high school players, college players and yes even professionals are not taught the basic basic baseball fundamentals. Little Things Win Big Games is meant to educate young children, young men and coaches about these baseball fundamentals and fine points of baseball that aren't currently taught to  serious players who want to become better in the game.

After writing Little Things Win Big Games, I had many requests for drills that could be used to teach the fundamentals that were discussed in Little Things Win Big Games from many young coaches. Result---I wrote Practicing For Perfection which contains a minimum of 2 drills for every position or skill set involved in baseball, softball or Little League.

My objective in writing this book was to provide the basic drills for young coaches to teach the fundamentals of the game to young players all in one book. Also recognizing the limited time and practice sessions that a coach has for teaching skills. You cannot have 10 drills for every position and skill set, you simply do not have that much time and practice sessions to teach 50—100 different drills.


Little Things Win Big Games

Baseball Fundamentals and Fine Points


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