I  learned a lot and wish that I had had this book when I was playing and coaching. The illustrations and descriptions are excellent and understandable.

I have owned several books on baseball, but none came close to your book.

Larry, you did a excellent job, I think that there should be a good demand for the book.

I can see why it took so many hours to accomplish all that you have in this “master piece”.

I am very elated and honored to have Little Things Win Big Games dedicated to me.


This book is dedicated to Coach Eimers for teaching us the “right way” to play baseball. Coach Eimers had one way to do things, the right way, if you didn't do it right you got another chance immediately! Jerry Eimers has my utmost respect, plus the same high esteem  of every person who has ever had the opportunity to play for him.

                                               ADDITIONAL ENDORSEMENTS

Larry Gabe’s LITTLE THINGS WIN BIG GAMES is an excellent read for ball players of all ages and abilities. This book is a wealth of information on the fundamentals of baseball but also offers valuable insight into the games more subtle  characteristics rarely taught today. Every position is covered in depth as well as offensive and defensive strategies.

I especially liked the chapter on pitching and increasing throwing velocity, a requirement for play at higher levels. There is not a pitcher in the game that would not want to add velocity to their fastball. This book presents a common sense approach using plyometric conditioning combined with better mechanics to significantly improve throwing speed.

Like Larry, baseball has been an important part of my life from childhood through college. Tendonitis claimed my professional career in the minor leagues but I continued to play hard ball into my 50’s. I always considered myself a fair student of the game but I can honestly say 50% of the information in this book was new to me. I would seriously recommend LITTLE THINGS WIN BIG GAMES to anyone playing the game and especially to coaches teaching baseball.

As a former high school, college, semi-pro and professional pitcher, as well as a high school baseball coach for over thirty years, I found Little Things Win Big Games to be a comprehensive look at the skills and knowledge necessary to coach or play the game of baseball.  Like the authors, I was fortunate to have a high school coach, Fred “Zebe” Larson, who taught us the correct way to play the game, and from him I gained much information that helped me be successful as a pitcher.  From the very basics to the more sophisticated nuances of the game, this book provides insight that can be very useful at all levels.  Complete with pictures and diagrams, the chapter on pitching gives ideas from the very basic mechanics of throwing a baseball and then proceeds to the mental aspect that is necessary for a pitcher to be successful, including all the things a pitcher must do other than just throwing pitches.  The other sections of the book do the same with the other skills necessary to play the game well.  For parents and coaches, this book is a wonderful  source of information for helping young players learn the game. 

“This book should be the “Holy Grail” for teaching young boys and men how to play baseball.”

“Had this book been available when I was young, I would have read it over and over again , as I did with the very few books that I could find on baseball fundamentals.”

“The book covers most situations that occur in baseball form the perspective of every position player. The outstanding thing to me is that many technical situations are covered in easy to read and understand every day language. If any one is looking for a book on fundamentals with lots of illustrations, this is your book!”

                                                                                              Jerry Newton

“Anyone that desires to learn about baseball fundamentals and improve their game as a result, should read this book and absorb every thing from cover to cover.”

                                                                                             Steve Miller

“This book is the best book that I have seen on baseball fundamentals. I wish that I had it available when I coached Little League and Babe Ruth for 10 years. If you execute your fundamentals better than your opponent, you will win!”

                                                                                             Bob Barth

“I bought two more copies for my son's to use in working with my grandsons teaching them to play baseball the right way! Merry Christmas!”

                                                                                             Bruce Hamilton

Little Things Win big Games is a must read for any young player that is serious about becoming a better baseball player. This book is written in easy to understand language along with outstanding photos to illustrate the points being made. In addition, the authors explain why you are doing things the way they recommend and the competitive edge that it will give you on the field of play. The book covers all positions in baseball plus hitting, pitching, lead offs, pick off plays, rundowns,  sliding and a look at how baseball is changing in front of our eyes. Plus the author, Larry Gabe explains how and why you should and could play with a competitive edge. It is a one of a kind book.

                                                                                             David Baranek

Given that my impression of today's state of baseball play ( young players don't know the fundamentals of baseball) matches your view, I read your book with anticipation. I am glad that you wrote the book and that I read it. Abner Doubleday would be proud of you, whether he invented the game or not. Thank you for writing a much needed reference book for our young baseball players.



Little Things Win Big Games

Baseball Fundamentals and Fine Points


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