Clemson university and the university of Northern Iowa are both using “Little Things Win Big Games” to teach future coaches what and how to teach softball when they graduate and start to run their woman's Softball Programs. Both schools commented that virtually 100% of the book also applies to Woman's Fast Pitch Softball.

If you are a woman's softball coach, use Little Things Win Big games to set your program apart from your competitors by doing all the little things better then your competition. The Teams that do the Little Things best , WIN THE GAMES!!

Use “Little Things Win Big Games” as a text book for your woman's softball team. Have each player read and re read each of the 17 chapters in the book covering all positions and all skill sets. Then use the book to teach the basic fundamentals of the game. You want your opponents to say, “they are tough to beat because they are so fundamentally sound, they never beat themselves”!!

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) has selected  Little Things win Big Games as one of the text books for their Baseball Theory Classes. The book will be used to teach baseball fundamentals to students who are aspiring to become Baseball Coaches. The book will become a key teaching aid in area of baseball fundamentals and help elevate the level of play for all coaches that rely on the book as a teaching guide. As one coach put it, the teams that do the fundamentals best, win the games. You don't give your opponents extra outs and you are ready to capitalize on your opponents mistakes by playing mentally alert fundamental baseball and make them pay for their mistakes!

Little Things Win big Games will result in players having the ability to react to baseball situations on the field, not stopping to think, then act. If you pause to think, you have missed the play! Play fundamental baseball the right way by using Little Things Win big games. That is what UNI will be teaching their future coaches.



Championship Productions the worlds # 1 supplier of sports information to athletic directors, coaches and athletes has announced that they are carrying Little Things Win Big Gamesfor their customers. They offer many videos and books on all sports. Many of their featured authors are big name coaches like Dean Smith, Dukes Coach K, Charlie Lau. They feel that Little Things Win Big Games is very well written book that is well illustrated (145 pictures) and meets a unmet need in the world of baseball.




Little Things Win Big Games

Baseball Fundamentals and Fine Points


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